Bespoke Walks
Do you have a particular favourite place in the Cotswolds that you would like to photograph, perhaps with friends or fellow photography enthusiasts you know?

Why not book one of our photography tutors to accompany you and show you how to get the most from your camera while photographing somewhere you love. Learn how to improve your compositional skills and develop a greater understanding of what makes a good exposure while also honing your creative eye.

Once you know where you’d like to go and who will be on your walk, simply contact us for a quotation.

One to One tuition
Are you new to landscape photography and would like a lesson in the fundamentals? Is there somewhere you’d like to photograph but aren’t quite sure how to approach it? Are you in a creative rut and need a bit of a kick start? Or do you just want to build upon your existing photography knowledge and skills?

With one to one tuition, the session works completely around your needs and preferences and at your own pace and skill level. The session can take place either at a place of your choice or at one of our Cotswold Photo Walks locations.