Cotswold Photo Walks

Terms & Conditions


Booking & Payment of Photo Walks

  • Comprehensive details for each of the specific Cotswold Photo Walks (CPW) are included within the photo walk schedule, please read the details carefully so that you are confident that you are happy with the duration of the walk, the likely terrain and also the individual ‘challenge’ rating awarded to each walk – we want you to enjoy your walk with us safely and comfortably.
  • Our Photo Walks are not suitable for children under 14 years old and any participant between 14 -16 years of age needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • The cost of each course is stated on each individual walk
  • In order to validate a booking, all attendees must book before attending an event. Bookings can be made either through the online booking system or by sending a cheque to our address (see Contact Us for address details) 7 days before the walk starts.  Alternatively, we can provide you with an invoice via email and then you can make a BACs transfer
  • If payment is not received prior to the date of the photo walk then we cannot confirm the booking and the booking will subsequently become invalid.
  • By making a booking you are automatically agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. If you are booking on behalf of a group of people then the person signing the form does so on behalf of all the other individuals included on it so that all are bound by the Terms & Conditions.
  • Please complete the pre-booking form and send to us at least a week before the walk as this helps us ensure we are prepared as possible for your specific needs/level of experience

Last Minute Bookings

  • If there are spaces available we are happy to accept last minute bookings BUT please telephone first to ensure whether there is still space available. If your booking is last minute (less than 5 hours before the start time of the walk) then only cash will be accepted as payment and we will require you to sign our T&Cs before the walk commences
  • Disabled Access
    We are in the process of developing specific courses for guests with restricted access requirements. Please contact us if you have specific access requirements before you book one of our walks as a certain degree of fitness, flexibility is required for the majority of our photo walks at the moment.

Our Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel your photo walk up to 48 hours before the event and a full refund will be given. Generally, cancellations made within 48 hours of the event will not be refunded unless due to bad/uncomfortable weatherg. rain or severe wind/gales or even on a rare occasion just too hot. Generally, if you feel the weather is not right for you personally, even just intermittent drizzle, we are happy to give you a full refund – after all the aim is for you to enjoy the experience!
  • In the event of illness, photo walks cancelled within 48 hours will be offered an alternative photo walk date or if that isn’t possible as you live outside the Cotswolds then we will provide a full refund
  • Cotswolds Photo Walks reserves the right to cancel/postpone a walk for reasons outside of our control e.g. inclement weather or the prospect of inclement weather, flooding, sudden illness of the tutor, closure of a key route to/within our destination etc. A full refund will be given in this event or if preferred the option to rebook on another photo walk in the future
  • Group workshops will generally only operate with a minimum of three photographers. In the event of your workshop being cancelled due to there being less than three participants we reserve the right to cancel and a full refund will be given or the opportunity to book on an alternative photo walk, whichever is preferable
  • The photo walks which involve photographing flowers (snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells etc) are obviously subject to ‘Mother Nature’ and we reserve the right to change the date of the these walks if we feel there won’t be an adequate (any!) display/or better display of flowers. We will offer the opportunity for a full refund or to join us on the new, revised date if acceptable/convenient to you or to come along on another photo walk location/theme.
  • Although we aim to supply an itinerary

Photo Walk Tutors

  • If, for a reason beyond our control, one of our tutors is unable to lead a photo walk at short notice, we reserve the right to work with one of our alternative tutors with the same appropriate experience.

Photo Walk and Workshop Locations

Travel to the start locations & car parking

  • Travel to and from the photo walk start location is the responsibility of the participant. The start location will be clearly indicated within the specific photo walk details on the website and highlighted on the accompanying map.  The postcode & the map grid reference will be provided but serve just as a guide and it is the responsibility of the participant to understand and find the start location
  • Please try and arrive in good time for the start of the photo walk so you have the time to familiarise yourself with the car park regulations and necessary parking payments.
  • Please try and bring some change for any carpark machines so that the walk can start promptly
  • Details of available car parking options near the start location are also covered within the specific walk details but it remains the responsibility of the participant to observe all parking regulations and Cotswold Photo Walks will not be held responsible for contravention of parking regulations or damage to the participants’ vehicle

Camera Equipment

  • You will need to bring your own camera on your photo walk, each individual walk will detail exactly what else you might need to bring such as a tripod.
  • We would advise that you have adequate personal insurance for your own camera equipment before embarking on any photo walk activity with your camera/other equipment as Cotswold Photo Walks will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment when taking part on one of our photo walks. We would advise you have the necessary bags/protective cases when taking part on a photo walk

On the Photo Walk

  • It is a fundamental booking condition that you accept the possible hazards involved in a photo walk
  • Please ensure that you wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear for coming on a photo walk (guidance is given on each individual walk with regard to the likely terrain, any obstacles necessary to negotiate such as stiles etc.)

Cotswold Photo Walks cannot be held responsible for:

  • Loss or damage to personal possessions (including photographic equipment, vehicles, etc.).
  • Illness or injury suffered during or as a result of joining a photo walk

Code Of Behaviour During The Photo Walk

  • All participants must be aware of and adhere to the highway and countryside codes; your road safety is your responsibility.
  • We would ask participants to be respectful of other members of the public/residents particularly when we are photographing within town/village locations. We would ask that participants ensure that villagers are able to pass freely and safely on the pavement and participants stand aside to ensure this can happen. Also that participant’s talk quietly particularly near residential properties.
  • Participants must not take photographs of other course attendees unless they gain their express, written permission
  • All participants are asked to be respectful, polite and constructive in their interaction with each other during the photo walk


Social Media Contributions
Participants are encouraged to upload their photographs from walks and workshops to one of our social media platforms. Cotswold Photo Walks use Flickr to showcase work produced on walks and workshops.

Submitting Your Images Following Your Photo Walk

  • All photographs submitted to the page must have been taken on a Cotswold Photo Walk or Workshop
  • Each photograph submitted will not be shown on the page until Cotswold Photo Walks judge it suitable
  • Cotswold Photo Walks may use photographs submitted in promotional materials


Vouchers and Redemption
All vouchers must be paid for before they are redeemed. If a payment is not made before redemption then the booking will not be processed

  • You can purchase vouchers for both walks and workshops on our website, through the Cotswold Photo Walks shop
  • Vouchers can be redeemed by contacting Cotswold Photo Walks, and quoting your order reference number.

The Cotswold Photo Walks Online Shop
All purchases made through the online shop are conducted securely through Paypal. Items will be shipped once a payment has been made via First or Second Class Royal Mail

All products have been quality checked by Cotswold Photo Walks. Please note, we will not be held responsible for any damages that occur in transit